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One-Punch Man: The Third Season

For those who don’t know about this super fun story yet, One-Punch Man is a comedy and action shounen about Saitama, a carefree young man with average looks, who becomes one of the world's most powerful heroes "just for fun.” His main ability is to defeat his enemies with... wait for it... ONE PUNCH!

Saitama, the one-punch man

The manga reached a significant milestone last week as chapter 170 showed the aftermath of the Monster Association story arc and marked the end of the Human Monster Saga.

Shortly after the chapter was released on August 18th, the mangaka Yusuke Murata announced via Twitter that the series would be on a hiatus for one month before the beginning of the next story arc. It is definitely a well-deserved break after such an intense and well-produced saga.

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The return date has yet to be announced but one month isn’t that long, especially for those who also follow the webcomic version. As you know a good pause is essential to keep the awesome quality work that Murata, ONE (franchise's creator), and the whole team have been delivering with One-Punch Man. However, can you wait for the next season of the anime?

Currently, there are two seasons of One-Punch Man. Until now, there have been only rumors about more episodes. Still, in addition to the latest manga chapter, we can see the key visual of the next season of the anime adaptation.

One Punch Man Season 3 - Key Visual

Some fans might feel skeptical about the quality of the episodes after watching the second season. Still, when we think about how ONE’s work started as a webcomic and will also become a live-action movie, it’s hard not to be impressed and excited for more.

Saitama and the classic "OK." Meme

Of course all of us anime fans want our beloved characters represented in the best way possible, but it’s important to stay positive! The best way to know what the future for Saitama and the All the Heroes of the Hero Association holds will be to watch each episode of the third season with our own eyes.

Let’s take advantage of the hiatus and rewatch seasons one and two for any details that could have been missed! Or, if you hadn’t had the chance to watch or read One-Punch Man until now, this is the perfect time to do so!