The Otaku Box Hero Program!

My Otakus are heroes, supporting creators, families, charities,
and more all over the world!

Origin story

I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon, but I got frustrated when I couldn’t find loot from my favorite titles. My goal with The Otaku Box was, and still is, to get my Otakus the loot (and art!) that they want.

I started The Otaku Box with just a few hundred dollars and the first box went out to just over 200 pre-orders in January 2018. EcchiArt launched in 2020, and now, hundreds of thousands of Otakus participate with me in my mission!

Helping people everywhere!

I’m a Christian, and so are many of the guys and girls that work with me.

I try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, and part of that includes helping anyone who needs it, regardless of their location, beliefs, or anything else. I just want to help!

-Liz 🌸

You're the hero

It’s not just me that’s helping people, it’s YOU! I couldn’t do any of this without my amazing Otakus. It’s my customers that are the heroes, and you’re doing so much real good!

By simply being an EcchiArt customer, you’re helping provide clean water to children in Africa, groceries to kids in the USA, building homes for families in Thailand, provide Japanese orphans with toys and learning opportunities, and much more every single month!

So, thank you for being an Otaku, hero!

Here's how you're helping

On a quarterly basis, we (that’s me and YOU!) give away 50% of net profits starting Q4, 2020! Yep, you read that right: half of everything goes to helping those in need.

I’m in the process of setting up a system where you can nominate those that are doing good works or could use assistance.  I’ll announce it via my newsletter when it’s ready!

See Spreadsheet

Not already an Otaku Hero?

Join in and become one!